A Basic Guide to Fantasy Cricket Point System

Cricket has always more than just a type of sport in India. From on-field to the internet, people love to engage in playing this game across generations. There are several websites that provide access to the wonder of bat and ball game, without paying a penny. You can play for actual money or just for entertainment. You can participate in practice games in fantasy cricket online before taking part in cash contests and tournaments.

How to Optimize on Points in an Online Cricket Game?

The goal is to select an upcoming or current match/tournament, create teams, allocate a budget, and optimize scoring points based on your gaming knowledge. The point system here is transparent and different across formats, such as One-day, T20, Test, etc. How you choose players and the way they perform in real life matches will influence the points scored, and you must strive to attain maximum points to rank at No.1 in the fantasy league.

  • Try to add all-rounders to your team, which will ensure batting and bowling of superior level.
  • Balance the team in a way that it has enough batsmen with good strike rate and consistent batting record to form the top order.
  • The bowlers can be a combination of fast-bowlers and spinners, or those bowling medium-pacer deliveries. This is a choice you have to make, so make an ideal one.

While winning will be on the mind of everyone, only a few members will be among the contest winners. You should not be disheartened on losing a match, but learn from your mistakes in case you chose a wrong set of players for a particular team. Look and learn from the opponents if you are new at the game, especially real money ones.

Steps to Join and Score the Best in a Fantasy Cricket Contest

Below-given are tips on how to join a fantasy cricket tourney or a match.

  1. Picking Team Members: Log into your account. You will receive 100 credits to form teams. After selecting the match, use your experience and accurate judgement and pick players wisely. You can pick 1 to 3 all-rounders, 1 wicketkeeper, 3 to 5 batsmen, and 3 to 5 bowlers.
  2. Number of Teams: Pick the team combination that you think will help you win the chosen match. You can create up to 5 or 6 teams to play in a single game. These teams can be used to participate in multiple contests. You have to provide an entry-free to join in a cash contest.
  3. Earning Points: The ultimate aim must be to earn more than what you spend to enter the contest. Remember that you will not score any points for a player who is not utilized in the match.
  4. Points by Captain and Vice Captain: Captain receives twice the points he scores in the actual game, while the Vice Captain score one and a half times the points he scores. Remember, to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, you have to score maximum runs and bowl most economically and win as many matches as possible in a tournament to emerge a winner.
  5. Points for Batting: In batting, there are bonus points for boundary, six, half-century, and century. The more number of such shots and feats, the greater will be the points earned by the batsmen in your team.
  6. Points for Bowling: In bowling there are bonus points for taking wickets, bowling a maiden over, and cracking a 4 wicket haul. Bonus points are provided to the bowler who bowls an economic spell of 6 runs or below per over. Extra points are given for excellent fielding, run out, stumping, and catch out.
  7. Point Deductions: Negative scoring is applicable. For instance, if a bowler proves to be pretty expensive (over 9 runs per over) through his spell or a batsman gets dismissed for a duck, then points can be deducted. Also, if the strike rate of the batsman is below 50 to 70 runs per 100 balls, then points are deducted. Thus, it is important to pick players after a lot of thinking.

So enjoy a thrilling game by downloading the fantasy cricket app and use your cricketing skills to form teams and score maximum in matches.