The Impact of Business Cards on the Perception of Your Company

7 seconds. This is all you get to make or break an impression on your client. In these 7 seconds, the client will probably look at you up and down, judge you as a person in 3 seconds, then take 2 seconds to hear what you have to say, use another 1 to 2 seconds to look at the business card you hand over, and there, you are done! The impression has been made!  So, the 1 to 2 seconds of viewing your business card is going to be the actual deciding factors that will clinch the deal.

If the business card looks stunning, the client spends an extra second to peruse it. This also induces him to take more interest in your company. So, the quality of your business card and its printing will partially decide the fate of your deal.

This is the impact of business cards on the perception of your company. Smart entrepreneurs always go the extra length to hire expert print specialists to print their business cards as they know that their future lies in the quality of their business card.

Here are some more reasons to justify the Impact of Business cards on the perception of your company. Take a look.

How Business Cards Impact the Perception of Your Company

One look at your card and the client come to a conclusion about the image of your company. Your Business card influence the client’s perception of your company. The client looks at the following factors and forms an impression of your company image

  1. Design Elements

The following elements of the business card design are crucial.

  1. Company logo – The design of the logo reveal your company’s creativity while its precise rendition talks of your fetish for perfection.
  2. Company lettering – The way the name of your company and its address details are printed peak about your attention to detail. Are the letters bold and clear? Are they smudged? Are they cramped? All these reveal a lot about our company.
  3. Colors used – Some companies go in for unique and special color to make their brand stand out from the crowd. The shade of the colour used also impresses the client in a big way.
  4. Color rendition – The color used on the business cards and the way they are rendered make a great impact on the client. A business card always shows it appeal through the colour tones used. Dull, looking faded colors or colors that are poorly rendered form a poor an impression of your company while bold and striking colors with good colour-fill attract.
  5. Card Size – Too small a card with cramped lettering speaks ill of your company. Too big a business card is cumbersome to carry. Choose the right size business card to convey the right impression of your company to the client.
  6. Design Speciality

Your company’s panache for innovation clearly seen in the uniqueness of the business card design. This may be reflected in the nature of the material used, type of finish and lamination, the texture of the card, its die-cut design etc.

  1. Card Material

The quality of material used during business card printing also influences the corporate image of the company. If you use flimsy and fragile material/ card stock  for your business card, your company’s corporate status take a nosedive and plunge rock-bottom. Using extravagant materials only reveal your company’s overspending nature.  The use of a sturdy and durable card stock give the right image of the company to the client. Select the material of your business card on the basis of your budget, design, branding and business needs.

  1. Printing Quality

Superior printing quality used for your business card reflects the professionalism of your company and enhance your company status in the eyes of the client. Always entrust your business card printing to expert print specialists to elevate your company image.

Expert print specialists always offer the best advice for your business card printing and guide you on each of the above factors in detail They take care to provide the best quality at the most competitive costs and help you in choosing the right material, design etc based on your budget.

Elevate your company image and boost your brand perception by entrusting business card printing your expert print specialists.