An introduction to Futsal

An introduction to Futsal

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If you’ve ever wondered what Futsal is all about, read on to discover more about this small-sided and fast-paced version of football. A version similar to five-a-side that is enjoyed the world.

What is Futsal?

Futsal is played indoors, typically on a hard court floor, in size comparable to a hockey pitch, with similarly small goals. There are five players on each side. The size of the pitch, the team and the flooring mean a faster-paced game that both requires and celebrates skill and technical ability. It’s seen as a move away from contact based 11-a-side, and instead, is a game where brain and skill are far more important than brawn and strength. In the adult game, each half is only 20 minutes long, encouraging players to do more with the ball when they have it. The court lacks the usual limitation of lines or walls in regular football as well as a smaller ball.

Who benefits from Futsal?

Although Futsal is played the world over by adults and children alike, it’s thought to be particularly beneficial for youngsters who want to progress and developed their soccer skills. Some players may stick with Futsal whilst others may translate those skills back into regular football. Many famous footballers credit the offshoot sport for their skills as regular footballers including Ronaldinho, Pele and Messi.

How do I get involved?

Futsal in the UK is governed by the FA, which also oversees the national squad. If you are looking for a local youth team look on your District League website to see if you can find a club or on the FA Futsal page to find training sessions to add to your existing team’s training. Luckily, the kit is the same so clubs that wish to enter a Futsal competition can use their current football team kits which they purchased from companies such as to compete in. Futsal can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, although its frenetic nature makes it better aimed at younger players.

Futsal encourages creative, imaginative football skills and is for some players, a more enjoyable game to both watch and play. If you would like to try something new, or develop your on-ball skills, then Futsal could be just what you are looking for.


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