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ScoresPro is a free sports livescore website that covers 14 sports including football, soccer & volleyball. Their livescores service was launched in 2004 and has grown to become one of the largest livescore & results websites in the world. Their most popular livescore service is football and features the biggest football leagues in Europe, America, Asia, Australia & Africa! Their fantastic football & soccer coverage includes the MLS in USA along with all of the major European football leagues including the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A & Bundesliga. They not only cover all of the major football leagues but also a lot of minor leagues including lower tiers of football, women’s football & youth football. We used to use a multitude of livescores websites to get all of the results we need but now we can get them all at ScoresPro!

Not only is ScoresPro’s livescore coverage second to none but they also have a fantastic range of other football related information including the full fixture schedule for the current year, the current standings for not only the current season of all of the major leagues but the league tables from past seasons of football, in fact their English Premier League data goes all the way back to 1994 which is the year when the Premier League began! Alongside their fantastic football fixture & standings they also have a huge range of results from all of the major & minor football leagues going as far back as 20+ years! Their football results also include a huge amount of statistics including goal scorers, goal timestamps, line-ups along with yellow & red cards so you get a complete picture of every football game that took place.

We here at youthsport are also avid volleyball fans and love ScoresPro’s volleyball coverage which features livescore updates on volleyball games currently in play in almost 50 countries from all around the world including Europe, South & North America & Asia. Their volleyball coverage includes our favourite league  the NCAA college basketball league in the USA and also includes the SuperLiga in Brazil, Serie A in Italy, PlusLiga in Poland & the Volleyball Super League in Russia which are leagues we love to follow for their excellent volleyball talent! Not only does ScoresPro covers all of the national volleyball leagues they also track major international volleyball tournaments including the CEV Champions League which is the biggest volleyball club competition in the world along with the Volleyball Euroleague, Volleyball World Cup, Volleyball World Championship & all of the volleyball matches in the Olympic Games! ScorePro also extends their fantastic coverage of fixtures, results, stats & standings to their volleyball leagues so you will find the exact same in-depth coverage of volleyball as you do in their football section.