Prepare for The MIVA Volleyball Golf club 2009 Time of year Tournaments

The Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Connection or MIVA will certainly present any round regarding another advertising year competition in ’09. MIVA can be a college fitness conference whoever members be competitive in men’s volleyball complements.

A variety of conference universities perform inside the men’s volleyball on the club stage. A variety of events are usually scheduled to happen starting coming from February last year, which are the HIC time of year tournament or perhaps Hoosier Illini Vintage, Grand Pit State Pond Challenge, African american and Rare metal Spring Concern, Titan Invitational and also Grand Pit State Laker Time of year Closer.

Hoosier Illini Vintage tournament is probably the largest and also regular volleyball tournaments in the event the season inside the Midwest. The tournament will probably be played among 32 clubs at Indianapolis University, Bloomington, INSIDE from Weekend, 21 Feb . to Saturday, 22 Feb . 2009. This year could be the 8th Twelve-monthly HIC, with all the pool enjoy and concern round about Saturday as well as the single removal playoffs about Sunday.

The Fantastic Valley Express Laker Challenge will probably be held among 18 volleyball teams on the Grand Pit State School, Allendale, MI (Fantastic Rapids). The volleyball game begins on Saturday 22 Feb ., 2009 with 8am and will also be played among separate Any and T Divisions. Black and also Blue teams from your GVSU Men’s Golf club Volleyball can play inside the GVSU Laker Concern Tournament. GVSU African american, GVSU Glowing blue, MSU White-colored, MSU 3, Sienna Height, Purdue T, GLCC, Significantly Out, Western Mich A and also Western Mich B can participate in the case.

The GVSU Night Jam may also take invest February, and will also be held about Friday 29 February. It is a very well-known event on the list of college volleyball followers. The engaging teams because of this event contain GVSU African american, GVSU Glowing blue, MSU Environmentally friendly, MSU 3, GLCC, Significantly Out and also Western Mich A.

Black and also Gold Early spring Challenge is a 2 evening tournament being played among 24 teams on the University regarding Iowa, Iowa Metropolis, IA coming from Saturday 7 Goal 2009 to be able to Sunday 8 Goal 2009. This will be the very first annual African american and Rare metal Spring Concern. Trophies regarding Bronze, Silver and gold championship will probably be given to be able to winners with this 2 evening tournament. 5 matches are already guaranteed being played about Saturday, with all the pool enjoy beginning with 8: 25 am.

The Titan Invitational volleyball tournament will probably be hosted simply by University regarding Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI from Weekend 14 Feb . to Saturday 15 Feb . 2009. A overall of twenty four teams are usually scheduled to be able to play in the case. This can be an annual women’s volleyball competition.

The better for Fantastic Valley Express Laker Season will need place about Sunday, 22 Goal 2009 on the Grand Pit State Universirty, Allendale, MI (Fantastic Rapids). A complete of 20 teams will be involved in this fantastic event that may start with 8am about Sunday. This event could be the last possibility for MIVA’s independent A and also B Partitions to products up. GVSU African american, GVSU Glowing blue, Sienna Height, Western Mich A, American Michigan T, GLCC, Far Out there and Asian Michigan T will participate in the case, along together with several other folks.